2001y SUBARU Samber Track 4WD airconditioner manual (USD 4,880)

Useful for transporting agricultural land.
(Brand) SUBARU (name) samber-truck
(Year) 2001(Mileage) 97034km (60646 mile)

(fuel type) gasorin (Displacement) 660 cc
(shift) manual
(Body number)TT2-108533
(Body color) TOYOTA 751 GreenPearl Hilux color

(length) 339 cm (134″ ) (width) 147 cm 58″ ) (height) 177 cm (70″)

(Loading room length) 193 cm (75.9″) (Loading room width) 130 cm (51.1″)

(Equipment) 4WD/13inch Wheel/Radio/5speed manual/aircondishoner
(Tire size) 155/65R13

(Timing bert change:87332km)

It’s a good quality truck that was kept in a warehouse with a very short mileage.

The port to America is Long Beach or Vancouver.
The transportation cost of this size car is usd850.

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