SUZUKI-CARRY DUMP 1996 660cc 4WD (Price:USD4200.)SOLD OUT

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(Manufacturer name) SUZUKI
(Vehicle name) CARRY Truck DUMP 4WD
(Yearly) 1996
(Traveling distance) 123590km (77243 miles)
(Fuel) gasoline
(Air displacement) 660cc
(Shift) 4 speed

(Body Length) 325 cm (127.9 “)
(Body width) 139 cm (54.7 “)
(Body height) 175 cm (68.8 “)

(Load chamber length) 195 cm (76.7 “)
(Packaging width) 138 cm (54.3 “)

The rear platform can be moved up and down with the switch in the driver’s seat.
It is a transport vehicle that plays an active part in farmland and cultivated land.

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