SUZUKI Carry-Truck 1995 660cc Minicar Buggey 4speed Minitruck (Price:USD 2,800.)SOLDOUT

Useful for transporting agricultural land.
(Brand) SUZUKI (name) Carry-truck 4WD-
(Year) 1995 (Mileage) 123443 km (77151 mile)
(fuel type) gasorin (Displacement) 660 cc
(shift) 4 speed manual
You can switch between 4WD and 2WD with the lever.
Accel lock function.
The accelerator lock function works with a switch on the driver’s seat

(Body number)DD51T-407727

(length) 329 cm (129.5″ ) (width) 139 cm (54.7″ ) (height) 177 cm (69.6″)

(Loading room length) 200 cm (78.7″) (Loading room width) 133 cm (52.3″)

(Equipment) Radio

The port to America is Long Beach or Vancouver.
The transportation cost of this size car is usd850.

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